Update: Fixed  bug with delta powers allowing you to gain more height than intended

A/D - Move

W/Space - Jump

S - Crouch

Shift - Activate Delta

Left Click - Use F.L.U.D.D, Place/Remove Tile

Right Click - Reset Delta

S (hold it down when you land) - Roll

S + Click - Kick

R - Reset

M - Mute Music

Based off of Super Mario 63 and Last Legacy: Null Space (Both by Runouw)

If you liked this game, play the originals:

Super Mario 63

Last Legacy: Null Space

Made for the MFGG "Crossover" game jam

Sound on is recommended

Sprites by Sinopolis Mawboi


Last Legacy 63.zip 24 MB


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fun game. could use more variety but polish is definitely there

for some reason i cant seem to place the 1st tile needed for the jump - the red outline box appears but it wont fix in place ?

Deleted 345 days ago

thanks !